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Looking for soft Pads ?

The superior absorbency and extra-dry cover of Eve pads
let you feel completely at ease during your periods. And the feather-soft
feel allows for an irritation-free experience.

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The Natural Sanitary Pads

It’s time women take charge of their bodies and take notice of what they are exposed to, five days every month, for forty years of their lives.


  • An Earth-friendly solution to your disposal needs!
  • 100% safe for your skin
  • The superior absorbency and extra-dry cover
  • Store your supply in an elegant box that not holds all
  • Made in Ethiopia

Special Treatments

  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Bleach and perfume free to avoid irritation and rashes
  • Banana fibre absorbent core
  • Longer than the XL pad



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Eve Night

use sanitary pads at night, which can be extended to 28 cm longer than daily sanitary pads. The super absorption can be used in the evening, and the net surface design can be quickly absorbed to ensure a restful sleep throughout the night.




a pad without wings, which is suitable for the days with less menstrual period. If you have less menstrual period in the last two days, you can use this product, which is convenient, small and practical.



a series of COMFORT products and a new product. The COTTON material will make us feel as comfortable as COTTON during menstruation. Its finished product is also thicker than other sanitary pads, so when used, it will feel the paste feeling, can quickly absorb, suitable for the amount of days in ordinary life.


 Eve Cotton

EVE Cotton is our new product, using cotton-flour materials and comfort design. Pads with wings and Cotton enable you to have a comfortable experience and comfortable feeling during your menstrual period.



a basic sanitary towel type, and 26mm is suitable for ordinary DAILY use. The net surface design can be quickly absorbed, which can be used during the day or on a day with a small amount.




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